This talk has been programmed by Making Time Collective supported by Cast, Helston

18 November 2017
Free admission
All welcome

Helen Sear’s work explores the materiality of vision. Her work often combines hand drawn or erased elements with photography to disrupt the conventional fixed-point perspective associated with the medium. She also works with moving image and mixed media installations. In this talk Sear will present both still and moving image work, including work from the recent exhibition The Moon and a Smile, commissioned by Glynn Vivian gallery.


In the summer 2016 the historic Penwith Gallery in St Ives will host PHOTO PIONEER – PHOTO PRIMITIVE. Following on from the highly successful Making Time: New Photographic  Constructions. William Arnold, Andy Hughes, Mel King and Oliver Raymond-Barker will be exhibiting  photographic work. All of the artists utilise various light based processes to generate their individual visions. Their work shares a rigorous enquiry into the materiality of photography; consolidating historic photographic aesthetics with contemporary concerns to enquire into the future of the medium.


Cornwall at large and St Ives in particular has not given photography a significant platform of support, in terms of regularly providing exhibition space and other developmental activity. This second exhibition represents a unique opportunity to act as a catalyst for future photographic development in the area. Further details to follow.


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