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Catalogue Update – Proofs Arrive!

Exciting times as our first proofs arrived from the printers this week! The catalogue is shaping up very nicely indeed! We would like to take the opportunity now to thank all of the sponsors who have enabled us to make this happen!


Oliver and Andy examine the proofs of the Making Time catalogue


A massive thank you to the following for their support…

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Introducing: Andy Hughes

Artist Profile | Andy Hughes (b.1966) |

Andy Hughes has been exploring aspects of collisions between our increasingly packaged lifestyles and the resulting flow of waste matter. His new work includes collecting and integrating data streams about levels of toxicity in the human body and wider environment. Encaustic wax, heat, melted plastic, collected waste, 3-D capture software, dslr video, digital and analogue photography, paint and other various analogue art mediums are the ingredients for investigation, experimentation and creation. Tactility, visceral pleasure and science become combined into new photographic works. By exploration of the materiality of photography and consolidating photographic aesthetics with scientific research and contemporary concerns, Hughes creates work that engages multiple varied audiences.

Circularity Series | 47 inches wide | Andy Hughes © 2014

Circularity Series | 47 inches wide | Andy Hughes © 2014

His previous work explored human waste products such as plastic and other discarded items
washed ashore across various beaches in the USA and Europe. For over two decades he has
worked consistently on this theme. In 2013 he travelled to Alaska, invited as part of an
international team of artists and scientists to work on the project GYRE: The Plastic Ocean. This
unique project explores the integration of science and art to document and interpret the issue of
plastic and human waste in the marine and coastal environment.



MAKING TIME: New Photographic Constructions

Penwith Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall, October 17th – November 12th 2014

Circularity Series | 47 inches wide | Andy Hughes © 2014

Circularity Series | 47 inches wide | Andy Hughes © 2014

In the autumn of 2014 the historic Penwith gallery in St Ives will host Making Time: New Photographic  Constructions, an exhibition of South West based photographic artists. The show will demonstrate the breadth and diversity of the contemporary photographic medium. Each artist’s work is informed by an exploration of contemporary issues such as: the hybridization of analogue and digital, the engagement of science and ecology in the practice of image making and the manifold histories of photography.

The work shown will be photographic in the broadest sense of the word; the artists utilising a full gamut of light based processes to generate their individual visions.Their work shares a rigorous enquiry into the materiality of photography; consolidating historic photographic aesthetics with contemporary concerns to enquire into the future of the medium.

Untitled, Nest series, Photograms from x-ray film, 2014

Untitled, Nest series, Photograms from x-ray film, 2014 | Hannah Guy

Cornwall at large and St Ives in particular has not given photography a significant platform of support, in terms of regularly providing exhibition space and other developmental activity. The exhibition represents a unique opportunity to provide this platform and to act as a catalyst for future photographic development in the area.

Coinciding with this show Tate St Ives will present, The Modern Lens: International Photography and the Tate collection. The exhibition will look at the exchange of avant-garde photographic practice between Japan, Europe and the America’s between 1928 – 1968, exploring how the trends of constructivism and surrealism were informing and liberating photographic practice at that time. The Tate show will provide an illuminating historical context for the Penwith exhibition and a rare opportunity to see high calibre photographic works in St Ives.

Tin Can Firmament: North 50° 37' 22" West 04° 64' 36” | William Arnold

Tin Can Firmament: North 50° 37′ 22″ West 04° 64′ 36” | William Arnold

More information coming very soon!